Short stories by Maija Haavisto

All of these pieces are 1,000 words or fewer.

Disorder general fiction/experimental (2003)
God lives in a glass orb slipstream/surreal (2000?)
The lady with blue shoes slipstream/surreal (1999)
Letters from Norie general fiction (2004)
The hole of Craig general fiction (2005)
A blast from the past scifi/"steampunk" (2008)
Guardian general fiction (2010)
Flicker horror/macabre (2010)
Timeless scifi/cripfic (2010) published in the Breath & Shadow magazine
Busted speculative/humor (2011)
Tiny fiction drabbles, 55-word fiction and other very short fiction, general fiction/science fiction/experimental/surreal/slipstream (1999-2011)

See also my haiku poetry and my sociomedical essays.