Pictures from Finland (Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa) in winter 2005-2006

The first real snow (27th November 2005)
Snowy trees (27th November 2005)
More snowy trees (27th November 2005)
The sky tearing up (27th November 2005)
The beautiful Puu-Vallila (27th November 2005)
A sizzling show of fire (5th December 2005)
A sunrise at the Meilahti hospital (20th December 2005)
The Meilahti cancer clinic through a layer of frost (20th December 2005)
Snowy Espoo (26th December 2005)
Vantaanjoki almost frozen, (27th December 2005)
Rabbit footprints in the snow (27th December 2005)
A snowstorm in Espoo (1st January 2006)
Another snowy tree (20th January 2006)
WWII ruins in snow (20th January 2006)
Snow-covered spruces (20th January 2006)
Crows in a tree (20th January 2006)
Snowy spruces against a blue sky (21st January 2006)
A snow-plough (21st January 2006)
And some more snowy trees (21st January 2006)
Soup for the poor from a presidential candidate (23rd January 2006)
A view through a tree in Alppipuisto (26th February 2006)
A cave of icicles (16th March 2006)