Maija Haavisto's pictures from Helsinki Twestival 2010

Sorry for the fairly low quality of the photos - it is extremely dark in Nude, even f/1.4 and ISO 1600 is barely enough and some of these pictures have been taken with shutter speeds as long as 1/12 seconds. This is also why I could not take any photos of some people. And sorry for the lacking identifications - feel free to help me out!

See also pictures from the first Helsinki Twestival and Seurasaari Tweetup from 2009.

??? checking his mobile
??? and ??? talking
A bunch of people by the entrance
???. ???, ???
@hellaura choosing lottery tickets
??? and ??? by the mirrorball moon
People sitting on the couches
Girls just wanna have fun (@HannaManna, ???, ???)
???, ???, ???