DiamonDie's pictures from Stream 03

If you recognise someone in these pictures marked with a question mark or as "someone", or find that someone is incorrectly identified, please /msg or email me.

Iood and fizzie behind their computers
Fizzie giving driving instructions on the phone
Unssi, sauli, annie, viznut boozing in the corner
Dodke, jobe, stonda, Rasputina, uncle-x
Local gang
TseiTsei is PhotoSmart
Fizzie and iood in children's park
A closeup of fizzie
A closeup of iood
Jaffa and osq
Boozing on the beach
Jean9, rjv, jobe, unssi, annie
Unssi drinks something green
Someone stomping on unssi
Unssi and Reko
Geel and jobe, astonished stonda in the background
Stonda and jobe wrestling
MegaMies, jobe and teel look happy
Is this Squirrelz or Spice Girls? Nah, just local teens
A bunch of sceners
Droid eating
Taskinen and Gabba_hut behind the infodesk, Tuomari sneeking
BriteLite and jaffa kissing <3
The happy family (BriteLite, jaffa, osq, Dr. Dick, yessa)
Viznut and Dr. Dick
Yessa with osq's sunshades
The tree-climbing compo (?, Joija)
Astu and ? wrestling
Lihisfeis is doing pyrotechnics
Geel the vegan coveting sausages (rjv and yessa in the background)
Delffu swimming, aropupu out already
The campfire and aropupu's naked leg
OMG, it's the cops
Iood sleeping
In the morning (PinZa, lihisfeis, Neurotic, Dr. Dick, Leia, uncle-x, viznut, Paavi, aropupu, astu etc)
Delffu drinking kilju from baby leg (viznut sitting)
Paavi giving the baby leg to kanttu (also jaffa, Leia, astu)
Painted legs
Eek, Paavi and astu found MFX's knives (aropupu watching)
Trossi and jaffa
Iood in our rally
Jean9 and jobe behind the infodesk, fresh dodke and uncle-x standing
Nosfe, noid, virne and some other people
Treats on the grill, sivu as the cook
Pikku Kakkosen posti! (jope, grue, BriteLite, Joija, Mikron)
Pallo dragged by astu
Spiikki fiddling, paavi trying to reanimate someone
ABHO, astu and nosfe
An interesting ircing position
Iood and fizzie, the hairy trolls
Aropupu, ? and MegaMies
Delicious buns in the local kiosk
Fizzie with the newly recruited Numedia Cyclops member (that guy seemed quite stoned)
A mallard
The mallard family
The mommy mallard got angry
Matt Current Cleaning Crew (rjv, annie, jobe, jean9 and PinZa, ion in the background)
Taskinen and Gabba_hut
Nosfe frowning upon some drunks (shadez, MegaMies, reed, virne etc in the picture)