Pictures from the Solstice psytrance festival in Ruigoord, Amsterdam, 22nd-23rd June 2013

See also photos from Solstice 2011. and 2012. The charm of Ruigoord itself is best shown in the 2011 pictures.

Nice umbrella
Groovy dancing in the rain
Decos in the tent
DJ, decos and lasers
Virgin Mary fit in nicely with other decorations in the church
The church has a full-functioning bar
The sun is out!
Hula hooping
This guy's hair just shone in the setting sun
More hula hooping
Basking in the last sunlight
Haze on the dancefloor
This man is there every year selling cream buns
Over there!
Mmm, fire
Warm hug
Midsummer sun and poetry
The fanciest food truck
Great example of Ruigoord "dresscode"
This little party animal looked somewhat worn out
An artwork you can actually sleep in
What a nice place to camp out: between industry terrain and a jungle of giant hogweed
Around the corner
More sculpture
The Amsterdam port is right behind the party place
The main dance floor (the third eye is lit, obviously)
The lady with the most awesome trousers ever is back! (this is her last year's outfit)
"For real?"
Resistance is futile, thinks this dancer
Dresscode and decos (the tribal-ish wooden shape was brought by a visitor who had made it and took it back home)
A mischievous giraffe had escaped on the dancefloor and had to be carried out
Dancing (or is she making sure he doesn't collapse?)
The color-matched blue outfit was one of my personal favorites (also notice tiger guy's Ganesha-style extra arms)