Pictures from the Solstice psytrance festival in Ruigoord, Amsterdam, 16th-17th June 2012

Ruigoord is an artist village on the west end of Amsterdam. A pretty amazing place at that. The club-turned-church is particularly nice.

There is also a video of the drummers on YouTube.

Happy drummers
The drumming diva
Dancing in the sun
Flower decorations
The wooden stage
Free watermelon!
Colorful poi
The wooden structures were pretty sturdy
The little piggies(?) seem to have partied a bit too hard
Aerial tissuu
More exhausted plastic animals
Chilling out by some sculpture
Best. Trousers. Ever.
Gentle moments on the dancefloor
Unfortunately you can't really see the propel hat's propel (or the fact that the guy with the top hat was only wearing a velvet robe and latex boxers)