Pictures from the Solstice psytrance festival in Ruigoord, Amsterdam, 18th-19th June 2011

Ruigoord is an artist village on the west end of Amsterdam. A pretty amazing place at that. The club-turned-church is particularly nice.

I also uploaded a short video clip on YouTube.

A building in the village
Some runes
Funky art
"Meet the Mistress of Divine Craziness" (in the church)
Some of the numerous food/drink booths
A statue of liberty?
Hula hoops and poi
An antique book tent! (We bought five books from there.)
The barn dancefloor with psy decorations
Two (or three) kinds of renewable energy
The church ("Fortune favours fools")
The Ruigoord Warrior!
More windmills
This boat may have seen better days
Heavy showers on Sunday didn't show the party
This guy was really rocking the rain (have to say it looked a bit risky considering the slippery surface)
People dancing
More party people
Me (showing proper psy party dresscode)
Groovy moves
More groovy moves
The DJ
More dancers
Mud is groovy!
This may be the Mistress of Divine Craziness?
She danced too (most cosmic photo taken in a church ever)
A wide-angle view of the church
This charming gentleman was selling cream buns