DiamonDie's pictures from Simulaatio 3D

If you recognise someone in these pictures marked with a question mark or as "someone", or find that someone is incorrectly identified, please /msg or email me.

The rocks provided a nice view at the lake
Nystep fell asleep in his chair when the party had barely begun
The marketplace in front of the party place
Chilling in the shadow (MegaMies, ?, annie, sauli)
Dodke, scoopr and ld0d with scoopr's iBook
Yessa laughing (ld0d in the background)
Yessa does the magic anaglyphic juggle
Waffle fell asleep, too (? and BassCadet in the background)
One of the two church offices the party place was appropriately located between
Visualice, kraku, pinza, ?, melwyn, BassCadet, osyn at the rocks
Reko, Visualice, ?, melwyn, pinza, ?, ? and Sir GarbageTruck at the rocks
Around the grill (?, jobe, ?, hth, Blueflame, ?, J.pupu)
Sun shone at the mess the sceners left behind
The pulp factory of the apocalypse
Leaving the party place (?, teel, stonda, squeek, ?, jobe, ? and geel)
Hth, ?, uncle-x, Leia and 216 in the rain
The supermarket sold "gb glake" ice cream in "pig packs"
Jobe, geel and annie at the train station