DiamonDie's pictures from Simulaatio 2

If you recognise someone in these pictures marked with a question mark or as "someone", or find that someone is incorrectly identified, please /msg or email me.

Windi soldering, tic in the background
The ghostly dj fuula
The flash made yessa pale (notice her disco skirt)
Yessa again
Shadez, unssi, hth, BlueFlame and Felor
Random, J.peeba, McLad, tug
Shadez and hth
Windi at KGB
The KGB clerk megababe
Kraku is drinking milk, yikes
Me at KGB (who took the photo?)
Melwyn's agentti meal (he didn't eat all of it for some reason)
A nice poster at KGB
Ccr looking a lot like himself
Furry dice in a random car
Whoops, someone flipped the grill
Annie cleaning up, jean9 watching
Bethvoid, MegaMies and ? in the playground
Tic and windi sporting
Squeek climbing
The passionate foursome (MegaMies, squeek, annie, bethvoid)
Sceners do the disco (BriteLite, jaffa, _rm)
Astu's new adventures part 1 (passed out)
Astu's new adventures part 2 (the awakening)
Astu's new adventures part 3 (freeing himself)
Astu's new adventures part 4 (punishing sauli)
Tic and windi queueing to KGB
"Back to the past part 1" (ads at KGB)
Melwyn at the infodesk
Jean9's money exchange service
Virne crawled back to his seat
Leaving the partyplace (annie, astu, Blueflame, yessa, ?, ?, Virne)
Nosfe and viznut dealing something
Yessa and jaffa
Bethvoid (jean9, ? and annie in the background)
Cj7 and dairos