DiamonDie's pictures from Simulaatio 1

If you recognise someone in these pictures marked with a question mark or as "someone", or find that someone is incorrectly identified, please /msg or email me.

thti and hot in the darkness of Varkaus
Ansichrist and unssi found something inspiring
Jaffa and hot have almost similar hair
?, ? and Uncle-x
Synteesi and grace dj'ing
Disco lights
astu and Synteesi
Synteesi and astu
curly brace and astu do the dance
kraku showing his artistic skills
viznut was dragged to the dancefloor
Drdick, Nrg and stonda dancing
Uncle-x and Jean9 are so enjoying it
Duncan and dr. Oidberg
Enema's profile
Raimo, droid, tundrah and dodke dancing
Virne shows us how to breakdance
Nosfe and yessa vandalizing
Nosfe watching yessa and droid vandalizing
Aeeben passed out in the raveroom
Zelex showing geel her cider
Blueflame and ? are a little shy
jaffa doing hot's hair (notice the blissful look)
Aropupu certainly needs that coffee
geel and Zelex
...got into action
Someone's laptop
hot, 216, ?, ?
yessa and unssi are so ceeeewt
...and now even cuter
hot is having a good time
thti and I with our laptops (taken by hot)
I and jaffa (taken by hot)
jaffa is definitely sober (taken by hot)
Mr. scenemusic elite greeted me, ooh
? placed his badge creatively
yessa, ?, duet - nice expressions
astu and nosfe doing "something"
astu, nosfe, duet, ?
Ansichrist, jean9, dodke, geel, stonda
Pallo with a wide smile
Little Bitchard having breakfast
Is the coffee ready?
Nosfe is wrapped
Ananasmurska & their respective fruit
Random scene dudes (at least Joija, sivu, reed, thg)
jean9 has a stylish shirt (Kohtalona Kälviä)
The infodesk
Byterapers picking up their prize
compowinners posing (Joija, sivu, kraku, Little Bitchard, nosfe, uncle-x, paavi)
droid and Little Bitchard packing
leaving the partyplace (Virne, some guys, Zelex, stonda, yessa, jaffa)
Varkaus through a car window