Photos from Scotland

Photos from my trip to Scotland for the LDN conference. The photos from the actual conference can be seen here.


Asian travellers sleeping at the Sciphol airport (the ash cloud mess was still on)


A view of Glasgow streets
Urban decay
A hen party at the Thistle hotel


A castle-like building at the city center
More castleness
Some seals at the beach (how I wish I had the zoom lens with me, so the picture wouldn't look like crap!)
The shore
The ubiquitous British signs are almost like poetry sometimes
Winter meets spring, city meets nature
Viola with a random cat we came across
The random cat basking in late evening sunlight
Clouds and the beach
Misty view of Aberdeen (it was actually quite dry and dusty, not the usual British fog)
Trees, daffodils and children playing (I've been told those colorful poles somehow repel rabbits)