Pictures from Roze Maandag, Tilburg, 20th July 2015

Roze Maandag (Pink Monday) is a huge GLBT carnival with up to 300,000 participants in a single day. It is held in the Tilburg Kermis, a yearly fun fair which gathers over a million visitors in ten days.

Pink people are arriving on the Tilburg central station (can you spot the pink fez?)
The pink carpet
A little queen and her mother
A family in the fun fair
One of the scariest fun fair rides
A plastic-wrapped club facade
Even the darker attractions were dressed in pink and rainbows
A slightly trashy Jesus
Some drag queens with interesting hairdos
More fancy ladies
A miniature fun fair (all moving parts, of course)
An old carousel
Another carousel
Two somewhat different couples
The bars were plentiful, and pink