Pictures from the Natural High Healing festival in Uusikaupunki, Finland, 4th-7th July 2019

Shakti dance with Sat Darshan
Shakti dancers really feeling it
More joyful dancers
And one more
The pond was inhabited
Almost like a Christmas tree
Kaulika playing
Henna is touched
...and roaring with laughter
Grooving on the stage
Volunteers being celebrated
More energetic volunteers
The audience enjoying the opening ceremony
The hosts
He asked for a hug
...and got a bigger hug
The hug just kept on growing
Different emotions in the audience
...and some more
This photo looks like a 90s music video in the best way
Enjoying the sun after the massive rain
A young visitor in the shade
Chilling out in the swing
Notetaking at Zen coaching workshop
People listening to Kåre Landfald's Zen coaching
Decorations at the Sacred Bubble tent
One more Zen coachee
Thai rolled ice cream Finnish style: with mango and (of course) salmiakki
A baby carriage with ...things
Co-operation moves mountains (or cars, at least)
Flying high
Chilling out at the cafe
A trio hug
Chilling out with a blanket is even better
Look, a mermaid
Applying makeup
The art barn
More art
A little kid
A scene from the cafe
Shopping for jewelry
And vagina eggs
Dipping into the pond
Midday picnic
Enjoying the pond
Dancing at the beach party
An older dancer
Groovy moves
Dancing together
Henry as a street musician
A picnic in the golden hour
A vivid sunset
Want to play?
Cuddling with a huge dog
Mirror, mirror
Curawaka playing
Curawaka's vocalist Anna beating the drum
More Curawaka
Being gently tickled
Heavy rain (with a leaky roof)