Pictures from Maija and Lauri's wedding

Pictures taken by Maija Haavisto (M), Lauri Koponen (L), Tina Salmi (T) and Risto Mäki-Petäys (R). If you want to use them on Facebook or something, please credit the photographer. If you want larger pictures or prints, please ask Maija.

At the courthouse, just married (T)
With our friends: huhta/Antti H., Luscinia/Jenni, Fujiwara/Roosa (Maija's sister), Maija, Lauri, Varjoporo/Ari (T)
MDs have precise hands - Jenni made this great hairdo for Maija in just about 10 minutes (L)
Tasty vegan food (Portuguese rice pudding, rhubarb cashew cookies, Dutch apple cake, caramelized onion pie, Maija's grandma's blueberry pie, storebought cookies, wedding cake - tosca cupcakes missing from the large plate, teriyaki green beans and salsa on another table) (R)
The wedding cake (raspberry and chocolate, made by Maija) (R)
Snack skewers (rye bread, smoked tofu, mango, yellow and red cherry tomatoes, cucumber, marinated eggplant, ponzu-flavoured mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, roasted red pepper) (R)
Lauri and Maija with Vakio/Atte's present (a 1965 book about marriage and sexual relations) (R)
Maija's fancy hair from the back (R)
Ponakka/Pasi and Kurkela/Eero (M)
Ari and Tina (M)
Roosa reading a book (from 1878 titled "The responsibilities and meaning of human life") (M)
Veksu/Vesa and Lauri (M)
Lauri and Maija cutting the wedding cake (R)
Fizzie/Heikki, Pasi and BassCadet/Risto M. (M)
Roosa the maid (M)
Lauri and nupseli/Ilpo (M)
Olde/Olli-Pekka, Nanaste/Martti and Tina (M)
Maija giving her speech (L)
Maija speaking close up (L)
Atte reading the guestbook (M)
Happy Pasi is happy (with Vesa) (M)
Kiirala/Niko the fan boy (M)
Antti T. was amused by the guestbook (M)
Elakim/Janne reading from the netbook (M)
Trilkk/Tatu was amused by the Texas Faggott's album covers (M)
Antti T. examining Maija's old bottlecap collection (which she gave away) (M)
Nahkarott/Tiina and Linnea (M)
Chryz/Risto L. and Tiina (M)
Antti T., durbuhuru/Pekka and Olli-Pekka toying with the bottlecaps (M)

Official wedding portraits:

Portrait 1 (R)
Portrait 2 (R)

Two short videos shot by Violeta:

Cutting the wedding cake (includes a kind of blooper)
Maija's wedding speech (in Finnish)