Maija Haavisto's pictures from the 2nd European LDN conference

The photos can be used freely for non-commercial purposes, as long as you credit me (Maija Haavisto) as the photographer. If you need higher resolution versions, contact me.

Unfortunately I hardly have any photos of the presenters, because the lights were dimmed during most presentations, so it's mostly just the audience. I apologize if I have got anyone's names wrong.

See also my report from the conference.

Dr. Ramsay McLellan and LDN Research Trust's Linda Elsegood
Candy Gardner introducing people to matcha tea
Audience members
Paul Farquhar setting up the presentations
An audience member with his laptop
More audience
Zoe giving her presentation about Crohn's
People eating
? helping Dr. Bob Lawrence to get food
Zoe talking with the TV documentary crew
? and ? tweaking the sound system
Dr. Pat Crowley being interviewed by the TV crew
? being interviewed