DiamonDie's pictures from Icons 08

If you recognise someone in these pictures marked with a question mark or as "someone", or find that someone is incorrectly identified, please /msg or email me.

shiensha is hypnotized by his laptop
shroomi lounging in front of his laptop
? and ? in front of the Damones partymobile
Strix pretends she's a pufferfish
Tazze and ? watch as ? attaches Myy's wristband
?, Moo, codise and astrax
? looks a little moody
Speedhawk and Riktronic's gig
Unssi's, spiikki's and nosfe's natural media entries (as well as some post-it graffiti)
The UNO tournament (?, thoron, biini, ccfg, Truck, Jupp3, orbiter, thec)
Organizer kofeiini gets his manly breasts fondled (actually it was the shirt, but you wouldn't guess)
Nosfe looks fresh as a flower in the morning, jaffa and BassCadet in the background
? watches ?'s web surfing (Tazze, BassCadet, beeta in the background)
Either BassCadet attached a tuba to his camera or the wide lens is playing some tricks
Folks enjoying Altparty-sponsored popsicles, error303 at the center, Felor and zov looking dumbfounded
Also enjoying their popsicles, BassCadet, Preacher and deepr apparently found something interesting
Little Bitchard's natural media entry was trashed by inconsiderate Swedes (but it won the compo anyway)
BabyNeko and ?
Sunday morning at the party place (gormio, Blind, Legenda and kekimmo)
Nothing beats a death threat in Comic Sans
Sauli teaching waffle to waltz
Sauli's and waffle's waltz ended in some snuggling
Thoron looks a bit worn out

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