DiamonDie's pictures from Icecube

If you recognise someone in these pictures marked with a question mark or as "someone", or find that someone is incorrectly identified, please /msg or email me.

HyDro and MegaMies paying dairos for buying them beer
Uh, my laptop is acting out
The organizers' table (?, DeMac, Marcus, Mdv)
Unssi is sleepy
Unssi's sketchbook
Iood has an interesting cauliflower background in his X
The evil pigtail MegaMies
Astu crawled out of focus
An abstract view of the partyplace
The ladies' room
Mdv's sleeping
MegaMies scrambled the screen
Iood sleeping
I wearing my wild compo entry
Iood and fizzie share the flower power
The satanic Pikachu emerges from the darkness
Chatting on the bigscreen
J.pupu fell asleep
Our demo looked green on the bigscreen
A fuzzy view outside
People at the campfire (MegaMies, shadez, ?, astu's chick, astu, raimo, dodke)
A closeup of the fire
Jttl and Blueflame
You don't want to know what happens here (astu's chick, astu, nosfe)
People packing up
People gathered by the microwave (hyDro, unssi, ebr, PinZa, ?, Blueflame(?))
Outside (astu's chick, astu, netta, Little Bitchard, PinZa, ebr)
J.pupu and Felor