Pictures from the Netherlands

Pictures of our daily life, mostly in Amsterdam area in the the Netherlands.

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Pictures marked with an asterisk added on the 16th of June 2014.


A cherry tree under snow
Snowy scenery
Icy river
Sloterpark in the snow
A car in the snow
More icy river

Gardens and plants

Budding tree (Hortus Botanicus)
A palm tree (Hortus)
Magnolias at sunset
Glowing tulips by a canal
Tulips in various colors
A fancy canal garden (Open Tuinen Dagen)
More of the same (Open Tuinen Dagen)
A knotty bush (Open Tuinen Dagen)
Orange roses and buxus trees (Open Tuinen Dagen)
Want a ride?
A stunning multi-colored flower pot
An exotic red flower (VU Hortus)
A pepper of some kind? (VU Hortus)
Agave(?) cover (VU Hortus)
Beautiful blue flowers (VU Hortus)
Autumn colors/a> (VU Hortus)
A triangle of cacti (VU Hortus)
A closeup of the triangle (VU Hortus)
A flowering aloe(?) (VU Hortus)
A stunning echinocereus flower (VU Hortus)
* Colorful VU Hortus
* An engraved tree (VU Hortus)


A parrot caught at its nest
An Eurasian coot with her babies
A daschund carriage
* Duck and its ducklings
* Another Eurasian coot family
* An elephant hawkmoth caterpillar (I can't help thinking it looks kind of like a daschund)

At home

Our mini orchids
A giraffe joined the origami bird fleet (thanks to my little sister!)
A crocheted quilt that my mother-in-law made for us
Lovely heirloom tomatoes from the VU Hortus
Our sago palm making new leaves

In and near Slotervaart

A cherry tree shedding its leaves
A passage of plum trees
Someone decided to hang his laundry on the street

Urban life elsewhere in Amsterdam

A submarine in the IJ
Houses built on water
Policemen have to do dirty work as well
Love locks (Magere brug)
* Nice street art near Overtoom


A seemingly endless container village at the IJhallen
The massive flea markeat IJhallen (yes, someone is selling those crates)
The doll is on sale, the truck may not be (IJhallen vlooimarket)
The best carousel ever (Pure Markt Amstelpark)
A game booth that may or may not have paid license fees to Disney (Nieuw Sloten braderie)
Orange plants for sale (Nieuw Sloten braderie)
De Rollende Keukens a yearly food car event in Westerpark

Outside of Amsterdam

A view into Groningen
* Student party boat in Leiden

Apenheul ape/monkey zoo

A little monkey and a kid
Gorilla family
A bee for every flower
Ugly birds
Some kind of a monkey


A watering can heaven (Neefje Louis)
Second hand stuff (Neefje Louis)
The store is _big_ (Neefje Louis)
Another store right in front of it (Van Dijk en Ko)
It may not be immediately apparent, but this shoe is the size of a car (Van Dijk en Ko)
Kunststad (IJhallen)