Pictures from the Netherlands

These pictures were taken on my trip to the Netherlands, 15th to 27th July 2007. Normally I order my photos by numbers and in chronological order, but this time I felt it would make more sense to arrange them roughly by topic/theme/place (as I sometimes photographed in the same place on different days, and photographed eg. animals and plants in many different places).

Dutch fields from the plane window
Popcorn clouds from the plane window
They have everything on the Cyupmarkt including an orange squeezing "robot"
The wonderful fabric-oriented Lapjesmarkt
Second-hand goods for sale (Noordermarkt)
The second-hand book market (Spui)
A nice bakkerij
Aardbei the strawberries were great, though the cherries, raspberries and blackberries were even better
A bartender dressed up in a cartboard box (Fragile Breaks at Wilhelmina Pakhuis)
The New English Church
A rustic fountain made out of red bricks
A lit fountain in the evening
A bridge with lights in the night
Amazing clouds over a channel
Sky/water scenery
We on a boat
Umbrellas came in handy when it started to rain onboard
Sheltered from the rain under a bridge (two others in another boat as well)
We're so not going under that bridge! (but we did)
Tourists behind a heap of garbage
A guy juggling with fire and sabres on a one-wheeler at Leidseplein
Afterwards he collected heaps of donations
A funky bicycle taxi
A bicycle ended up in a tree?
A colorful moped
A graffiti of an evil tomato(?)
Awesome street art featuring speakers
Love and peace themed graffiti
R.I.P. Benno (the numbers are the birth and death dates)
"Traditional" text graffiti #1
"Traditional" text graffiti #2
"Traditional" text graffiti #3
A very colorful house
An adorable cat
Some fake cows and real geese
A more flamboyant fake cow
More geese elsewhere
Summer scenery in Vondelpark
An outdoor stage in Vondelpark
A "picnic" restaurant in Vondelpark
A bench under a tree in the Amsterdamse Bos
A lovely goat in the geitenbroederij (A'damse Bos)
Goats are even allowed in the children's playground (A'damse Bos)
Some dogs running free (A'damse Bos)
People looking at the anaconda (Blijdorp zoo, Rotterdam)
Two baby boars (Blijdorp)
Pelicans (Blijdorp)
Lions (Blijdorp)
Galapagos tortoises (Blijdorp)
Two rhinos (Blijdorp)
A giraffe eating (Blijdorp)
Zebras (Blijdorp)
A trippy spotted orchid
Desert scenery (Blijdorp)
Underwater scenery with corals and all (Blijdorp)
They have waterfalls in the Netherlands too (Blijdorp)
A jungle (Blijdorp)
Another jungle (Hortus Botanicus)
A strange butterfly eating (Hortus)
Two striped butterflies (Blijdorp)
A blue flower (Hortus)
A gardener (Hortus)
A flowering cactus (Hortus)
A woman painting (Hortus)
A flower-framed door
A wonderful slot in an allotment garden
Another splendid allotment garden slot
A passionflower in someone's front yard
A red rose, again in someone's front yard
A bumble bee on a flower
A beautiful pink flower
A flower store in the Bloemenmarkt
Blue and violet flowers for sale
Winterharde vlees etende planten (flesh eating plants)