Pictures from the Netherlands

These pictures were taken on my trip to the Netherlands, 11th-20th April 2006. If you don't have the time to go through all of them I particularly recommend the photos of the plants, animals and street art.

Rebellious thoughts scribbled on the fence of a modern apartment complex
The backyard of a houseboat, complete with a mini windmill
A household electronics store had 20+ different deep frying appliances
A bridge somewhere in Amsterdam
A nice collection of African masks and other items on sale in a street market
A beautiful stained glass window

The next pictures are from the Hortus Botanicus.

A weird piece of art
Some tasty (or not so tasty) mushrooms
The weirdest windchime I've ever seen
A butterfly on a leaf
A large butterfly on the cocoa tree
A vibrant orange butterfly
Flowering trees everywhere
A lovely palm tree and some ferns
Some weird looking tentacley desert plants
Almost like a real jungle

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Full moon in Vondelpark
A lovely balcony full of greens
Some kind of a hippie store(?)
A street market
They sell everything at street markets, including beds

The next pictures are from the Artis Zoo.

Camels chilling out in the sun
An exotic blue bird
A group of pelicans
Some lizards in a desert setting
A black and yellow snake
A sneaky crocodile
A Galapagos tortoise hidden under its shield
Two storks and other birds
A slightly apathetic zebra with a urban background
A male lion looking photogenic as ever
A blood-thirsty giraffe
Two grown-up elephants and a baby one (playing with a pigeon)
Two seals having a nap
Three penguins
An ugly bird, say no more
Two llamas
A statue of a Buddha

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Young people hanging out at Vondelpark

The next pictures are from Haarlem.

The massive structures at the Haarlem railway station
A cloudy scenery with birds
A very interesting looking old building
Fruit on sale at a street market
A barrel organ on the street
Colorful graffiti
A sailboat (without the sails)
A windmill viewed from the below

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Some adorable windows and balconies
Old meets new: a windmill and a construction site
Prog as a Frog house party at Wilhelmina Pakhuis
A beautiful wall mural
Another wall mural and blooming cherry trees
A surreal scifi mural on children's playground
Some more very colorful graffiti
A pile full of yuck in the channel
Citrus trees in the Intratuin garden center
A beautiful lot in an allotment garden
A Shiva statue in the Tropenmuseum
A store selling exclusively hammocks
Splendid orchids in the Bloemenmarkt
A cactus nursery
Grownup cacti
A cat staring into a channel
A fun fair at the Dam square (right in front of the Royal palace)