DiamonDie's pictures from Assembly

If you recognise someone in these pictures marked with a question mark or as "someone", or find that someone is incorrectly identified, please /msg or email me.

Some people in the grand stand
?, Rimina and ravel
Pong challenge - so far the guy being challenged had only lost once
Some guy painting gaming figurines
? with his kid
vELIKANI and other folks at Boozembly
Kakka is doing something unsavoury to Tazze
wlf with an awesome shirt (BassCadet made them in response to the "Thank you 1939-1945" shirts worn by Finnish redneck teens)
Linnea, Jametsi, embo and hnsk
Mutru apparently isn't fond of sceneboylove
These girls were amused by something
OUBS interviews ?, ? (despite being filmed on video, the guy was very startled to notice me photographing him: "OMG someone's shooting me!")
This old man got toffee from the generous astu
? wearing a rainbow flag
Kakka makes girls happy (BabyNeko)
? with a little dog
Waffle talking to 216
Heatbeat musing
? was thrilled about her pizza
Greippi had missed his deadline (When asked what he does [as in music, graphics, code], he replied "I do good for the world".)
Quake is still in at Assembly
A security guy participated in Altparty's cyberpunk drawing/crafts contest
? working on her cyberpunk entry
Most of the cyberpunk entries
There were over 500 people marching to "One little elephant went out to play" (too bad I didn't have the wide angle lens with me)