DiamonDie's pictures from Assembly 06

If you recognise someone in these pictures marked with a question mark or as "someone", or find that someone is incorrectly identified, please /msg or email me.

Iood flirting with spoon^^
Gaming in the oldskool area by Ryty
? and Pommak lounging on air mattresses
A poster with an oldskool motto (?, ?, ? and ?)
Building a tower out of Creative's MP3 players
Antti Hukkanen of the Star Wreck fame
Muzzy is easy to recognise
? admiring Tomcat's art album
A mandatory, slightly blurry but very colorful partyhall shot
Some people throwing frisbee indoors
Putkaorkesteri practicing outside of the arena
Someone throwing a floppy in the outdoor compos
The Boozembly hills basking in sunset
? and a laptop
Some girls at Boozembly
Yessa smiling
Balthazar, ?, duncan and Maali at Boozembly (? and ? in the background)
Osyn and BassCadet provide some live music
Xaztur fell between the rubber mats, ? and ? laughing at the incident
Rjv and pinza, Gargaj in the background
? and ?
Some people had to have their own barbeque (Thundra, Densho, ?, ?, ?)
Many situations happening at once and many unknown people, Irokos on the right
Serpent helping out a lady collecting the bottles
The devilish Marycloud
äni watches over ld0d and Skizo
Opera is recruiting at Boozembly and ISO advertises their DVD
Pinza looks like he's saying "arrr".
Tietoyhteiskuntapuolue (the information society party), featuring ?, ? and ?
Heidi doing Disabella's hair
?, ?, ? and ? in front of a laptop
Flux and Mutru at Boozembly
More ISO advertisements
Zoom pretends to not know where the mess came from, eg. ?, ?, ?, Mukle and J.Pupu in the background
Tomcat makes funny faces while Truck talks to Demoscene.tv
Strix and dodke
The valley of death
? and ?, hth in the background
Nosfe and Tuner, Break in the background
One more ISO ad
Break standing proudly by the barbeque, Felor in the background
Zelex and the baby Julius
Hydron and Ladylion looking at some photos
The Xbox 360 stand
The t-shirt shop (?, ? and topy44)
People going crazy over the giveaway spree during the prize giving
Visualice, melwyn, Sivu and mazor inspecting their prizes
Strix, synteesi, Florent, Dixan and Uncle-x