DiamonDie's pictures from Assembly 05

If you recognise someone in these pictures marked with a question mark or as "someone", or find that someone is incorrectly identified, please /msg or email me.

"Alcohol free zone" reads the floor with the arrow pointing away from the oldskool area
Hydron posing
Bemmu cheerfully posing
The ever so traditional partyhall shot
Someone playing DDR with his laptop keyboard
? and ? getting cosy on a mattress
Depth's furry bunny slippers
The Boozembly hills (spot eg. Theodore, Jope and a bunch of other people)
Nrg enjoys healthfully a pink fitness drink
Someone fell asleep in front of his Linux terminal, bad admin, bad!
Tomcat's booth had merchandise for gamers and scener alike
Visitors enjoyed the arcade games
The partyhall with all the important features (like lights, coke and modded cases)
Ravel is dumbfounded, nystep laughs and voxel and the girls stare at them
Phoola and Jametsi
St Rana giggling
Trossi, Gargaj, voxel, two girls, st Rana and ravel
DHBB performed for the fast food music compo (kraku and Basscadet)
? and ? presenting martial arts in the performance compo
Zelex and jaffa at Boozembly
Little Bitchard and ? are the masters of synthesizers
Hot topless action (nosfe, noid, dipswitch, melwyn, ps, Little Bitchard, ? and visualice)
The Damones gang (?, vELIKANI, Naali, ringo, THG, Duncan)
Melwyn rendering bumpmapped pancakes
Nrg's pancakes look cooler, though
Hautis wore a tinfoil hat just to be on the safe side
Xaztur pondering, ansichrist drawing
The tree of good and evil
Watching the Altparty prizegiving (Moo, ?, ?, ?)
Someone wanted to photograph me and Navis and Truck managed to sneak into the picture