DiamonDie's pictures from Assembly

If you recognise someone in these pictures marked with a question mark or as "someone", or find that someone is incorrectly identified, please /msg or email me.

People waiting for entrance outside the arena
More waiting
?, ? and zero-x
Yuki and Hitoshi
? and jzu in a friendly pose
The partyhall with lights on
#getnolife meeting (Jawatus, VarjoPoro, Nanaste, olaus)
More nolifers (VarjoPoro, Jawatus, Nanaste, olaus, ponakka)
JoneK holding a poster
Nanaste, Paladiini and VarjoPoro in the sun
Paladiini scoring
More athlete heros
Annie, loop and hot at Boozembly
Jaffa has a plastic pipe
Joija and dreamy Heatbeat
Heatbeat's shot of me
Boozing (?, ?, Kraku, MarieRose, jaffa, yessa)
Spiikki naked
A fuzzy rave pic
_rm sleeping almost naked
Astu, Lobotomy, Setok, Twilighte, Geel
People in the outdoor compos
More outdoor guys
Jawatus with his girlfriend
A female redhead
Iood, owli, Jametsi, Diamondienpikkusisko
Diamondienpikkusisko sitting on Dbug's lap
Iood, DiamonDie and Diamondienpikkusisko in AltZone's poem reciting compo
MegaMies with his poem (? and lobotomy in the background)
A violet view from the outdoor concert (Axes Denied)
More violet Axes
CNCD's gig
A bassist and a bassist joke
Stereo Gentleman
The dancer girls and Stereo Gentleman
? with a beercan
iood with a funky hair (supplied by owli)
Blueflame returning bottles
An N-Guage chick and bethvoid
N-Guage gamers
?, thti, ? (at Boozembly)
Boozembly posse
More boozers
People participating in the coloring compo
Miss Alternative ("Sinky Bear") and _LUKE_
Bethvoid and Jametsi
Me, myself and I
Still sucking nature (owli and Jametsi)
DJ at the rave
The DJ stage
Some ad posters in oldskool
MegaMies, Setok and marycloud
Duet and MarieRose
? by the table
In AltZone prizegiving
? taking a picture
? and Agemixer
Eek, it's a bear
Pyrmiö group (jpa, ?, anodi, ?)