DiamonDie's photos from Assembly '02

Some guys waiting for entrance to the Arena (before they were told that gamers enter from another door)
Other guys waiting near the doors
The oldskool hall was totally empty when I arrived
Dodke and rmn (?) showing me the Unique GBA demo
Lostchild googling
Finally some posse in the oldskool
Pyrmiö group and their cute little computers (Apple II in front)
Ld0d is obviously pondering something
_LUKE_ and fizzie
Hydron looks stoned
Ld0d and Paint Shop Pro
Blue, dabadee... A nice picture of the oldskool area
The famous three-screen scroller
Ladylion watching ld0d coding
Rjv, sts, miek, driimi and kataja
Noice brought a nice banner
MegaMies and fizzie
Uh, some people
People sleeping
The oldskool area sign and an ambulance
More people sleeping
Some people walking to the Arena
So funny background, eh ("Fuckin XP! Just had to")
A holy book?
Dreamdust people (louhikarmes with black glasses) and Ladylion
An unidentified artist with a drawing board
Jpa_ doing something weird, zeroic doing something on a laptop
Rjv, someone, Jobe, Stonda, Annie and pinza in the corridor from Arena to the Fair Center
We encountered some interesting terrains on our way like this...
..and this
Lohjan laatuautot and Jobe
People participating in the outdoor compos
Some more outdoor people
More sporty people (and notice the nicely fluffy clouds)

The next pictures are from IRC-gallery meeting in the same place, but not really related to Asm.

Tiger puppets!
A tree and people
Bare female skin
People talking
Koh-i-nor, naga, alison, Mystran in front
Goths and Footpad
Attagen, Miskan, Allyzone, linzi, oujee, someone
The same people
Goths (naula with shorts, LogiX with red hair)
The ambulances are everywhere
It's getting dark

Going back to the Arena

People boozing at the top of the corridor
The concert
More of the audience
The concert people (a nice view on the Assembly shirt)
In the audience
It's Hot (the guy, I mean)
Machinae Supremacy on the stage
Another picture of them
The live music compo at AltZone
Audience listening to live music
Another live music entry
Bleubtreu feat Pyrmiö plays it live (anodi, yessa, driimi, Ravel)
Wow, a violin
Kaita playing
Proteus, the piripolkka DJ
Someone raving
The manual ASCII entries
Pihti's ASCII entry
The oldskool lounge
TAAt people
The real oldskool people
A funny sign
Can you look more drunk?
Ankkalaps is tired
Joyful waving around
Driimi's got two mobiles
I, ankkalaps and driimi
The AltZone prize ceremony
Yessa, windi and driimi
Time to pack up possessions
Leaving the Arena