Maija Haavisto's pictures from Amsterdam Pride Canal Parade, 3rd August 2019

She also had flamingo sunglasses, but seemed to decide the combo would have been OTT
The TV cameras were also adorned with tiny rainbow flags
Spectators by Nieuwe Herengracht
At first I didn't even notice he had pink furry trousers
Love out loud
Remember the past, create the future
One of the first boats
The boat of Amsterdam city was pulled by this nice ship
Red is the color on the Amsterdam boat
The Trans Pride boat sponsored by Rabobank
Gay bar Mister B had a boat with lots of leather
More leather enthusiasts
More happy lesbians
The boat of the Ministry of Education with minister Ingrid van Engelshoven (this boat won one of the boat prizes)
More people aboard the school boat
The HIV awareness boat
The Colours of Stonewall boat was all about intersectionality
The Ancient Greek themed boat
Ou(d)t and proud: the senior boat
The Book of the Future by a LGBT parent organization (also pushed by a cute boat)
They had a compelling pile of fairy tale books, e.g. "Snow White" and "Surrogate Parentship in the Netherlands"
Air puppets of different colors
The guy pushing the sports association boat was really in the mood, too
This guy's face after mounting his inflatable unicorn with a glass of bubbly said "life goals!"
The telecom firm KPN had a green, sparkly theme
Fancy dresses
Glamour (the stand says e.g. "Remember Stonewall was a riot" and "Smash oppression"
Vrije Universiteit's Higher Edugaytion (also signs "I prescribe PrEP for everyone" and "I will make you a beautiful pussy")
On this music roulette you can only win or lose
Out Together
Dancing to I Will Survive
Some spectators really looking forward to something
Pink queens
Neon queens
Even more neon
And a little subtler, kinda
Golden boys
Golden girls having a . golden time
Ambulance Amsterdam says lesbians are lovely The puppet was a bit creepy
More fancy dresses
A waving queen
Why leave the house, when you can just hang your legs from the window
People on the Eurovision 2020 boat
Police presence at Pride is a highly inflammatory subject, this guy was full of hot air
Sparkly partying
Two party boats coming up
Paillettes all the way
Somewhere under the rainbow
The Amnesty International boat with activists from different countries
Cheering between two boats
The smoke machines are making the air cloudy
Why would boats have flat roofs, if not for sitting
We Are Family boat
Captivated by a singer
Energetic football fans cheering for Euro 2020 in Amsterdam
ING bank had a very futuristic theme
Iran Pride
More proud Iranians
Uber had a pyros, a screen on the side of their boat and a collection of different pride flags Still a shitty company
#Idecide whom I sleep with
A stylish flagbearer
Making waves
Holding a rainbow flag while swimming, nice
Purple hair times four
Army tearing down the closets
No hate