DiamonDie's pictures from Altparty

If you recognise someone in these pictures marked with a question mark or as "someone", or find that someone is incorrectly identified, please /msg or email me.

A mushroom and a ...badger?
Not only does Kaapelitehdas have a wheelchair toilet, there's also one for amputees
Ryty and Jupp3 with an Amiga
Me and the lewd-looking bouncy castle
Byproduct playing on the stage with oldskool visuals
Opqdonut, Oona and Sani dancing to Byproduct (If we walk without rhythm, we won't attract the worm)
Ernest Truely with his laptop
A naked Nabaztag
Dope Stars Inc playing
More Dope Stars Inc
Tree of the knowledge of good and evil
sarana and Ahti with a terminal at Yle's stage
? with some other hardware at Yle's stage
Like a prayer? (Felice, CiH at the background)
Truck can has beer, lots of it
Plenty of notes were scribbled at the Yle demoscene documentary workshop
Participants of the cyberpunk costume contest (BassCadet, temmi_hoo & Saini, Kapteeni Kronos)
An installation by Kokeellisen elektroniikan seura (the society of experimental electronics)
? toying with robots
Setok being interviewed
Apecat of Piraattinuoret being interviewed for a documentary on file sharing
? using a terminal, ? watching
Mace fetches a tasty salad from Café Soihtu
A robotic arm playing Pong
A little girl playing with the supermagnetic beads
Sarana, lindi, ?, ?
Jeri Ellsworth delights in the pyros of her presentation
There were robots for kids, too (also a Finnish version of Neuromancer)
Saini and temmi_hoo retro gaming
A beam of light follows BassCadet's entrance to fetch the prize for his cyberpunk costume, spiikki hugging shailin in the background
T-101 is amused (or bemused) by his prize (Setok, ravel)
Ravel looks uneasy as vELIKANI sings the Loveboat theme on the stage (but spiikki seems to be enjoying it)
Setok watches as Nerve delivers a speech that looks like the Hamlet soliloquy
A little girl playing retro games (yes, they seemed to all be dressed in pink...)
Kiirala posing in front of the realtime graphics entries with his second-prize winner piece