DiamonDie's pictures from Altparty

If you recognise someone in these pictures marked with a question mark or as "someone", or find that someone is incorrectly identified, please /msg or email me.

? showing an art exhibition participant the lights
"It was this big" says Grendel to ?
? explaining something to the Kosmoplovci guys
Basscadet setting up his music gear

Now the actual party:

The Belle Modeste store sold more than just corsets
This Pong game was radioactive, for real
There was a fancy Land Rover in the party hall
The Finnish Pirate Party had a RepRap 3D printer
Windows free zone at the computer exhibition
The partyhall
A choir singing on the stage
There was loads of cake
Suviko musing about the cake to linnea
Siveliini feeds ld0d some cake
Thoron got emotional from the cake
Temmi_hoo and his girlfriend shailin
The UX gig featured nice visuals
? grooving to UX
Front 242
No, it's not Bono, but Front 242 again
More Front 242
...and some more
...and one more
A girl with blue hair
Victorian/steampunk costume compo participants
More costume compo participants
Truck in his train conductor costume being interviewed by ?
Lady Carennah
A lovely steampunk couple
The folks of photo studio Onyxei Haapala kept true to their role
Grendel scaring little children with the FogScreen
Aaro "Frank" Huhtala, a famous Finnish webmaster
MP Jyrki Kasvi, Xuenay, guest of honor Brad Templeton (of EFF) and Setok discussing politics
These robotic warriors guarded the Soihtu café
This Dilbert like guy was the announcer of the Codento Architect Challenge (jury on the background)
Trossi menaces over his C64 tome
Watching the HBC Assembly wild winner (?, ?, linnea, ?, Felor, ?, ?)
Stupid Amiga killed my spaceship!
Ryty arcade gaming
Desert Planet with their funky visuals
Let there be fire!
The audience had a blast (Kiirala, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)
Desert Planet also had nice laser swords
The audience grooving
Some Accession guy FogScreened
More radioactive art
Front 242 holding their digital art presentation
? anxiously guarding his pizza from Ryty's evil claws
B&W comic art from Kosmoplovci and ps
"The weather was bad but the race was good" (Tazze, Soihtu girl, ravel, kekimmo, Digikim, ?)
Visy gives a speech (Tazze, ?, ?, Soihtu girl, ravel)
Look mom, I got prizes! (?, ?, ravel, jaffa)
Astu preaches to the choir (Soihtu girl, ravel)
Digikim and Tazze watch as ? photographs Grendel and other B guys who won the demo compo
Thoron squeezing an extraterrestial hottie
Astu's Sunday look
A Victorian era gaming console