DiamonDie's pictures from Alternative Party IV

If you recognise someone in these pictures marked with a question mark or as "someone", or find that someone is incorrectly identified, please /msg or email me.

Ravel, ?, ?, Dbug
Aggression's banner
Twilighte, Dbug
Network equipment
?, pahartik
? fell asleep already Friday afternoon
?, Hot, Windi, Spiikki, ?
People gathered by the Aggression banner (?, Dbug, ?, ?, ? and ?)
slaye, Hulusan, Koira, yessa
One of the music performances
More music (BassCadet)
Some people at the entrance
Some signs
People watching a gig at the FPU stage
-"- but a bit closer
I sitting by my laptop (picture by JoneK)
Watching a demo on the bigscreen
Jaffa's coat is like a bright light (no pun intended)
Baggio and CiH at the organizer desk
Someone sleeping and rm
The Byterapers banner was so huge it didn't even fit in the picture
yessa and hulusan sitting in foreground
temmi, Jonek, ? and Uppo-Nalle
kameli and Timo Halen
Some random people, Wiztom on the right
Sitting around the table (unssi?, dipe, annie's gf, sauli, ?, jean9, ?)
hulusan and yessa playing Lotus
The IMP banner (Xef4, BriteLite)
Koira took a close look at the bigscreen
The screen had some important info about the Guage compo ("kuka koskee eka kursoria saa 50 euroa")
The organizers' stand is feeling blue
Antti A and ?
MegaMies in red Alt shirt
Live music compo had its own loading screen
...which progressed quite weirdly
A weird thing
The same weird thing
?, thematic, Letti and psilon
People and the bigscreen
Raimo and Annie fiddling with GBAs
Tic's profile
Windi, Dr. Doom and Tic at the entrance
The prizes were kept near the clothes racks
Picture of a woman (started by yessa, finished by Visualice)
Jeff Minter delivering a speech
Another closeup of Jeff Minter
Jeff Minter and his fans (Grendel and Ravel on the right)
Someone using the public computers
osyn, temmi, Twilighte
People on the second floor
A view from the second floor
quaz coding on Geel's Amstrad
Britelite eating
Someone having coffee (?)
MegaMies, now with more clothing
Lobotomy, Teque, Setok and msk getting ready for the prize giving
Miss Alternative 2003
Ravel had an Atari plastic bag in his head, but fortunately he removed it
Dekadence getting their prizes (?, BriteLite, rm, jaffa)
poor viznut is being stacked with prizes and the media keeps watch
st rana, tonic and ?
Jaffa and yessa in a friendly pose
Annie, ?, ? and ? are about to leave
? in ambient lighting
Some entries from the 30 second gfx compo