DiamonDie's pictures from Altparty's Afterparty 06

If you recognise someone in these pictures marked with a question mark or as "someone", or find that someone is incorrectly identified, please /msg or email me.

Wiztom, Baggio and Twilighte having some beer and snacks
Tic and Megamies
?. Jyrgen and Jyrgen's girlfriend
Wiztom and ravel watch Jyrgen play Doom on ravel's phone
Msk and Twilighte
Isopallo, Tic and Trossi
Temmihoo and Partycle
Some people and plenty of bottles
Entil tries to save us from carbon monoxide poisoning
Nosfe taking the burning logs outside
Habiiba, Setok, Baggio and Lobotomy
Gfanfrend and Habiiba (cute!)
Lobotomy showcases our compo entry (drawn by DiamonDie and osyn)
Die Rebels group photo (Megamies, Setok, Wiztom and ravel)
Nosfe opens his prize drink like a winner